Mobile Massage Raglan & Mt Maunganui

My word on the matter....The healing power of massage is the power of touch, innate in all of us.


My remedial massage treatment utilises an intuitive ability to sense your pain and combines it with a technical understanding of your physical musculature, resulting in a deeply relaxing, as well as deeply therapeutic experience for you.


The results you should experience include relief from deep rooted tension, reduction in chronic pain, and revitalised energy levels. 


You should feel totally rejuvenated and refreshed.


Each massage session is as individual as you are and is adapted to work with the tension you are experiencing on that day.

"Tania has massaged me and my family for a long time now (since 2011) and she is exceptional at what she does.
If you are looking for a therapeutic massage with great results, she is the best we have used.
She is very trustworthy and professional
R Gillard, Builder.

Sorry, this business is not operating at present